Some herbs are best if used fresh so the best way to get fresh herbs then to grow them yourself? When starting to grow your own herbs there are a few things to consider. The space you have available, location, and one thing that drives me crazy.


Yes your herbs have predators, and not just weeds and insects. Animals such as chickens, ducks, goats or any other plant eating creature, love to go right where you don’t want them.

If you have raised chickens for more then a week you will have found out by now that they go where they please and tare up what ever they chose. Even if you clip there wings, several breeds are still good jumpers.

So if you have the option of putting a few herbs into an area where the livestock can not get to them I would HIGHLY recommend doing so. There is nothing more aggravating then seeing the herbs that you have worked so hard to grow and be large enough to harvest and find that something has dug it up.

So that said,

There are several herbs that grow well in the shade. So why was the full sun or partly shaded areas of your garden on the plants that would be find elsewhere?

A part shaded garden is described as a plot of land that gets two – six hours of sunlight per day.

Here are a few herbs that would benefit from a shaded area.

Links are to the plants medicinal uses for pets.

Click the herbs with likes above to see some of there medicinal uses with livestock

What herbs to you love to grow?

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