There are so many! How do we know what herbs we need? It can be difficult to know which ones we need to have on hand. Then there are the herbs that would be nice to have but you will not use them very often and would be a waste of money to have them sitting in your cabinet for months or even a few years than not be able to use them because they were no longer useful. So how do you decide where to start…

Well, my friends, it is time to simplify this thing.

Think of the most common issues you have and find the herbs that can help you in those areas but are also not overly expensive or hard to find.

what herbs

Here is a list of medicinal properties that are good to have on hand for general illnesses.

  • Anti-biotic
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Heals Wounds
  • Immune system booster
  • Mild sedative (calming)

The awesome thing about many of the herbs is that 1 herb can do most of these things so you do not need 20+ different herbs to handle your common issues. Sure some that are better at one thing then the others but the herb would still do the trick for what you need.

In the lists below, you will see 3-4 herbs I would recommend for each category and are also not extremely hard to find. Hopefully, this will make your desitions of what herbs to have on hand much easier.

All links are to the herb profiles for you to learn more about that specific herb unless otherwise specified.



  • Oregano
  • Lavender (Available in our Etsy shop)
  • Eucalyptus
  • Aloe


Heals Wounds

Immune System Booster

  • Parsley
  • Echinacea
  • Aloe

Mild sedative (calming)

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Catnip
  • Rosemary (mood stabilizer)

This should have you covered for most of the issues you will face raising animals. Be careful when shopping for herbs, they can become addicting. As much as we would love to buy every herb that we come across. There are just a few that are great to have on hand all the time.

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