Using herbs with chickens may sound a little bit like spoiling them…

You are probably right to some degree. However, if we do things to prevent disease we may never have to take drastic measures to heal them from illness.

Mind you I do not spend a ton of money on the herbs for my $10-$15 chickens to buy herbs from the store or online. I keep things in perspective when it comes to the poultry, being on number one on the list of prey animals I do not think it wise to invest a large budget on them. Any herbs they get are from my herb garden. I highly encourage you to start an herb garden if you have even a small area. Most herbs will come back each year if planted in the ground.

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I love to give the extra herbs I have growing in the herb garden to the chickens. I am careful with some herbs to not give them too much at a time because strong distinctive herbs like lemon balm can flavor the eggs.

Safe Herbs For Chickens

Here are some herbs that I am sure your chickens will love and will have great preventative measures for your chickens.

You can also click each of the herbs with a link attached to see the medicinal uses of each herb.

These are just a few herbs you could give to your chickens. These listed and many more can help prevent illness, make your coop smell fresh, and help repel flys. Now, this won’t fix the problem if the coop is overly dirty and in need of a litter change. However, it will help impro n the situation.

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