Rural Hobby Turned Business


Work Sheets

Throughout this book, there are 10 worksheets to help you put your dreams on paper and plan out your business strategy.


We can only do so many things WELL. After reading this book you will know where to focus your time and decide which projects will bring an income.

Target Audience

If you try to speak to everyone, you will speak to no one. Selling can be tough and knowing where to go can be even harder. Learn where to spend your time with a purpose.

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Letter From The Author.

If I Did It, So Can You

When we hear the word business what do you think of? Many people think of a world that is so far out of reach the could never be a part of it. They did not have a family background or you didn’t go to college to run a business. I am here to tell you that does not matter.

 If I as a 17-year-old girl could grow a herd of show rabbits to the level of paying for her college education and figure out what worked and what didn’t in her business. So can you.

This book was written with you in mind. Those who want to make money from home doing what they love but have no idea where to start. Whether you are looking to make your homestead more efficient. Or you are wanting to generate enough income to eventually quit your day job.

 As you work your way through this book you will find worksheets for you to use and help you start your business right. Print them out, use them. Think about the questions, let them sink in and continue to grow a business that will be sustainable for years to come. The beauty of running a business is there are no age restrictions. Get your children or grandchildren involved. You would be amazed at what they could come up with.

 I am here for you and I want to help you along this journey. I want this tool to be something you can reference at any level of business and congrats on your new path in agricultural business.

Your business coach and strategist,


Table Of Contents

Assessing Your Dream

  • How far do you want to do?
  • Business outcome goals.
  • Family outcome goals.
  • Where are you now?
  • Current assists.

Turn your dream into a vision.

  • Make the pieces fit.
  • Income generation
  • Income stream ideas
  • Start with “the one”
  • Making the changes.


  • Your top 5
  • Do you research
  • Cost of getting started
  • Everything has a purpose
  • Best 3 out of 5
  • Break them down
  • Plan your projects

Making the hard decisions ahead of time

  • Budget
  • Emergency fund
  • How far will you go
  • Customers are not always right
  • Stay strong checklist

Gaining Visibility

  • Being #alltheplaces
  • Using Social media
  • Using Facebook in your business
  • Social post schedulers
  • Starting A Business Takes Time

Get Your Copy Now $19.97

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