Hey There Beautiful

I’m Leah

You could say I love a lot of different things. Like many busy women, I love my crafts I get to do every once in a while, my crazy laptop life, herbs and essential oils, my amazing country life. I am so blessed to have a supportive husband who supports me in everything I do.

How I can surve you


To bring order to the chaos for women trying to manage it all and help them live intentionally.


Here at leah-lynch.com, I help you, a women entrepreneur and business owner looking to build or your business online, grow a community, create a strategy that fits with your life.


Caring, Attention To Detail, to Think Critically, Strong, Determination. 


Years Experiance

My Story

You know how you end up in a place you never saw coming?

That was me when I started to grow my online business.

I had a yearning in my heart to make a difference in the lives of other women who also wanted to be home with their families, but have the desire to do more than keeping the laundry clean and the dishes at a reasonable level…

It all makes sense now looking back, for a girl at the age of 17 who grew her rabbitry to bing in thousands of dollars and pay for her college education.

I now get to impact the lives of so many others all the while living the life that I love so much…

Stick Around!




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